UCtel Hosted Phone System
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UCtel is a powerful platform built specifically for scaling and managing a growing telecommunications infrastructure while keeping the costs of such tools to a minimum. The platform combines all the standard services found in a typical communications system with the latest enterprise-grade features and wraps it all up in one highly distributed and easily accessible platform. 

APIs keep
things interesting 

Business is always changing, and tomorrow you may want a brand new application that doesn't exist today. That's why UCtel is based on a set of open-source APIs. The application layer of the UCtel installation includes two layers of APIs that allow you to integrate anything with the platform. So you can create new applications or integrate it with any service as you wish. 

The highest layer of API functionality is for those who just want "out-of-the-box" features, such as voicemail, conference bridges, etc. These are interfaced using a simple REST API for configuring these elements. You can "set it and forget it" -- once you've configured the items you don't need to run your own servers or do anything more to process calls.

The lower layer of API functionality allows for real-time call control and streaming events about what's happening on a given call. This allows us to "call out" to your server each time a new call comes in, saying "What should I do with this call?" You can respond with actions such as playing a file or a tone, recording a message, or transferring the caller. Combine this with your own database or infrastructure and you have an extremely rich and powerful call processing tool.

Constant Monitoring and Support 

The infrastructure experts at Providence Telecoms have spent years researching and finding the very best components to include in the UCtel. But it doesn't stop there. They are actively waiting and monitoring your system to make sure that your system stays up at all times.


Why this works for you...

100% Uptime and Reliability

The UCtel infrastructure ensures that your communication system is well protected at all times. That's why your system is never stored in one location, but distributed across your cluster. So you can sleep peacefully all night and leave the headache to us. 

Low Capital Expenditures

The basic UCtel software is can be hosted in our DC or yours. We offer 24/7 monitoring and support, our team of experts is ready to help. A low premium for each carrier allows you to grow without costs for hardware or software upgrades. Start out with our hosted platform and move your clients seamlessly to your stand-alone infrastructure later on with no downtime!

APIs to Integrate with Anything

Because everything is built on a complete set of open-source APIs, UCtel is ready to be integrated with anything you can dream of. Build a new application, or integrate UCtel with an existing service. You can write it in any language you prefer. Sit back, have a cup of coffee, the opportunities are endless.


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Empowering Millions of Callers

We provide communication services to government departments, emergency services, insurance providers, entrepreneurs, IT geniuses, carriers, growing businesses, non-profit, professors, universities, developers, device manufacturers, resellers and much more.

They all expect and receive resilient service. So should you. 

Opportunity To Do More

Unrestricted local connections within the collocation data centres data centres to complementary organisations in Africa and abroad, future business partners and neutral data centre services are just a cable away by making use of network independent data centre collocation in South Africa.